Tuesday, April 27, 2010

French Pastry Mystery Solved!

The French Pastry was made by Dolly Madison Bakeries.

Thanks to readers Calvin Lucy and Jackie Barker (who found this 1956 ad for the French Pastry snack cake).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Murderous Mary - Kingsport's Killer Elephant (Which Was Hanged in Erwin)

Famous photo of Mary being hanged in Erwin on Sept. 13, 1916. The authenticity of the photo is in doubt.

Sparks Circus ad in Johnson City Staff newspaper for show on Sept. 14, 1916. The Kingsport papers for this period are lost but the ad in Kingsport would have been similar since the Sparks Circus was using this same poster in ads a year later (after Mary had been hanged!).

A newspaper description of the Sparks Circus parade in Richwood, Ohioi two weeks before the Kingsport show. The Kingsport parade would have been similar.

Story of Mary killing her trainer from the next day's Johnson City Staff. Kingsport papers for this period are lost.

Story of Mary's hanging from the Johnson City Staff. Story was "buried" on page 6!

Newspaper story about Sparks' elephants most famous trick, a baseball game.

Johnson City Staff story about Sparks Circus performance held in J.C. Sept. 14, 1916, two days after the "incident" in Kingsport.

Circus pass - this was a free ticket given to local officials, also to boys who helped erect the tent.

Kingsport Times looks back at the story of Murderous Mary 22 years later, in 1938.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take you - on Vince's Cruise

Vince with the Panama Canal in the background.

Vince and the Carmen Miranda's in Colombia.

On the beach in Aruba.

The big old Fort de la Reese in Cartogena, Colombia.

That's Cuba in the background.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ross N. Robinson Junior High School teachers in 1961

How many can you identify?
Here's an i.d. list as provided by Miss McCammon and Miss Melton:
Row 1(l to r)
Tommy Hill, Hazel Stewart, Johnnie Wray, Rowena Johnson, Maude Dishner, Mildred Kozsuch, Mrs. Massengill, (?)Shirley Garrett, Don Stevens, Delbert Webb(principal)

Row 2
Jack Campbell, (?)Nancy Randall, Sarah McKee, Gerry McCammon(Frazier), Margaret Melton(Tunnell), Wanda Bledsoe, Lorena Hoover, Hope King

Row 3
Oscar Dalton, Nell(Jack) McLean, Bea Gilbert, Sarah Spracher, Mary Tuggle, Faye Neergaard, Madeline Thomas, Mrs. Sauer, Mary Erim Riley, Wilma Snyder(Bunting), Dolly Wallen (behind Mr. Webb)

Row 4
Reba Robinette, Jim Scott, Jo Ann Emmert, Sam Hicks, Charles Flanary, Bob Shepherd, Don Little, David Wise