Monday, April 12, 2010

Ross N. Robinson Junior High School teachers in 1961

How many can you identify?
Here's an i.d. list as provided by Miss McCammon and Miss Melton:
Row 1(l to r)
Tommy Hill, Hazel Stewart, Johnnie Wray, Rowena Johnson, Maude Dishner, Mildred Kozsuch, Mrs. Massengill, (?)Shirley Garrett, Don Stevens, Delbert Webb(principal)

Row 2
Jack Campbell, (?)Nancy Randall, Sarah McKee, Gerry McCammon(Frazier), Margaret Melton(Tunnell), Wanda Bledsoe, Lorena Hoover, Hope King

Row 3
Oscar Dalton, Nell(Jack) McLean, Bea Gilbert, Sarah Spracher, Mary Tuggle, Faye Neergaard, Madeline Thomas, Mrs. Sauer, Mary Erim Riley, Wilma Snyder(Bunting), Dolly Wallen (behind Mr. Webb)

Row 4
Reba Robinette, Jim Scott, Jo Ann Emmert, Sam Hicks, Charles Flanary, Bob Shepherd, Don Little, David Wise


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has there been any rumors of the school being haunted?


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