Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's the photo you'll be seeing in your Thursday papers

That's going to be the winning Powerball ticket in Wednesday night's drawing.

That's Mitzi Everett who's helping me hold the ticket that will make us both rich. You see, I'm due. I'd never won anything until recently when I won a ball cap followed by a UT car flag. Mitzi pulled my name out of the hopper for the car flag. We figured out she must bring me luck so we've been buying lottery tickets together ever since. I know I bring luck to others. Brenda the nurse, subject of a column of mine, went on to win the lottery. So now it's my turn. I bought this ticket at Jan-Mar. The six numbers are my locker combination from junior high and my gym basket combination from junior high. Well, you have to have six number so why not those?
Watch for me in Thursday's paper as the new Powerball winner. Along with Mitzi.


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