Monday, January 23, 2006

Janette - R.I.P.

When Joe Carter died last year, it was big news. But Janette Carter's death is the end of an era.
It was Janette who was the keeper of the family flame. She started the Saturday night musicfests at the tiny store, nurtured the event into its current status as a regional draw. It's been about a year since I talked to her. I was doing a story on her aunt Maybelle's guitar, which was being sold. I was trying to figure out where in Kingsport the legendary instrument was purchased. I never did nail it down. It was before Joseph's Musicenter. It might have been Price's Piano Store in Five Points. Or it could have been Sears or one of several pawn shops on Main.

Above is one of my many Carter Family records. That's the oldest 78 that I own. The Carters recorded this at the famous Bristol Sessions in 1927. I thought the title was appropriate.


At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vince, I enjoy reading all the columns you write.

The ones you have written about Janette and Joe Carter are especially good. I've been to Carter's Fold and enjoyed it very much

Thank you for remembering them.

Hope you will continue to do great columns.


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