Friday, January 13, 2006

Elvis in Kingsport Redux

This is the ad from the September 21, 1955 edition of the Times News advertising Elvis' appearance the next night. I was surprised that the show was advertised as a Grand Ole Opry Show even though Elvis was not a member of the Opry. I was also surprised that the show's headliner, Cowboy Copas, was given such small billing. It probably indicates that local promoter Dia Bahakel of WKIN knew who would draw the most fans in Kingsport: Elvis and the Louvin Brothers. Also the price in the ad is $1.25 per person. When I interviewed Dia back in 1976, she recalled it as $1.

Photos from that show have never turned up. The Times News didn't cover it so there weren't any newspaper shots. I keep hoping that someday someone will find an old snapshot in a family album.


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