Tuesday, January 24, 2006

There she is

The closest Kingsport has come to having a Miss America was in 1967 when Vicki Lynn Hurd (D-B '64) finished as second runner-up. Jane Anne Jayroe, Miss Oklahoma was the winner; Charlene Diane Dallas, Miss California, was first runner-up.

Two years later Kingsport was back near the winner's circle with Brenda Seal (D-B '66), who made the top ten and got to perform her talent on national television.

That's our two close but no cigar moments.

When Vicki Hurd came home to Kingsport following the pageant, people lined the streets to greet her. My mother saved the poster they passed out for people to hold up.

There it is.

Other Miss Kingsport curiosities:

Vicki Hurd was not Miss Kingsport when she was second runner-up to Miss America. She was Miss Carter County.

Nor was Brenda Seal Miss Kingsport when she finished as a semi-finalist. She was Miss ETSU.

Both had been Miss Kingsport but neither won the state pageant as Miss Kingsport.

Here is a real curiosity: Miss Kingsport has never won Miss Tennessee. But she has finished as first runner up three times, all in a four year span! In 1965 it was Hurd who was Miss Kingsport and first runner up to Miss Tennessee. In 1967 it was Seal and in 1968 it was Janice Sproles.

Both Hurd and Seal returned the next year to win the Miss Tennessee crown representing another community.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger John McJunkin said...

Vicki and Brenda are special women. They are both beautiful and bright. Had they grown up in this day and age, they would probably not think twice about pageants. There are so many more options for young women to compete and succeed. They did Kingsport proud though, didn't they?

At 8:36 AM, Blogger twicedaily4pain said...

A friend of mine and I were just hanging out at the airport in 1965 and saw a beautiful girl, perfectly dressed, perfectly coifed, with an older woman companion. He dared me to go up and introduce myself, which I did. Never knew she was that year's Miss America until the headline came out in the paper. I THINK this happened but I can't prove it. I was 17 at the time.


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