Thursday, February 02, 2006

My First Record

This is the label of the first record I ever bought. Okay, technically my dad bought it for me. I was only eight years old. He bought it at McCrory's, a "ten cent store" which was right across the street from Penney's, where he worked, in 1955.

It's a melodramatic tune but the singer, Johnnie Ray, was an interesting guy. Dubbed the New Sinatra, he was practically deaf when he recorded this record. It was a hit, entering Cash Box's hit list at number 50 during the week of February 19, 1955. Ray had lost the hearing in his right ear at age 12 when he was struck by lightning. A botched surgery cost him much of his hearing in the other ear. There are some music historians who label his 1951 hit "Cry" the first rock and roll record. I'm not a music historian nor was I old enough in 1951 to remember early rock.

The flip side of "Paths of Paradise" was "Parade Of Broken Hearts ."

Here's more information on Johnnie Ray and believe there is a lot more to the man.

While digging through a closet in search of this record, I found a box full of my parents' old 78s. They seemed to favor country and big band records, with an emphasis on Bing Crosby, with six of his records.

Here's a list of those old 78s. I don't have a record player hooked up anymore so I can't even play them.

Al Keolena Perry - Under A Spreading Coconut Tree

Andrews Sister - Helen

Benny Goodman - Full Moon

Big 4 Hits - Banana Boat

Big 4 Hits - Love Me

Big 4 Hits - Teenage Crush

Big 4 Hits - Too Much

Billy Jones - When The Sun Comes Down

Bing Crosby - Conchita Marguita

Bing Crosby - I’m An Old Cowhand

Bing Crosby - Silent Night

Bing Crosby - That Sly Old Gentleman

Bing Crosby - The One Rose

Bing Crosby With Andrews Sisters - Don’t Fence Me In (Chip)

Bob Will - New San Antionio Rose

Bud And Joe Billings - Birmingham Jail

Carlisle Brothers - A Dollar’s All I Crave

Cindy Wallen - I Want Somebody

Delmore Brothers - I Never Had A Bugle To Play

Delmore Brothers - When It’s Time For The Whip Of Will

Denver Darling - Cherokee Maiden (Chip)

Ernest Tubb - I’m Glad I Met You

Ernest Tubb - I’ll Always Be Glad To Take You Back

Ernest Tubb - You’ll Love Me Too Late (Chip)

Fay Willing - Hang Your Head In Shame

Freddie Slack - He’s My Guy

Gene Autry - Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Gene Autry - What’s Gonna Happen To Me

Georgia Gibbs - Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe

Hugh Cross And Riley Puckett - When You Wore A Tulip

Ink Spots - That’s When Your Heartache Begins (Chip)

Jan Garber - Beautiful Lady In Blue

Jan Garber - Rhythm Saved The World

Jan Garber 0 I’ve Got My Mind On You

Jim Seamey - The Poor Tray Has To Live ---

Jimmy Dean - Too Late

Jimmy Dean - Hello Mr. Blues

Jimmie Rogers - My Little Old House Down In New Orleans (Chip)

Jimmy Dorsey - I’ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo

Jimmy Wakely - Rocky Mountain Lullaby

Joan Weber - Let Me Go Lover (Chip)

Johnny Ray - Paths Of Paradise (Chip)

Kate Smith - Shine On Harvest Moon

Korn Kobblers - Cheatin’ On Your Baby

Ray Wheatley - How Was I To Know

Rice Brothers Band - Riding Downt He Canyon

Riley Pucket - Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane

Rosemary Clooney - This Ole House (Chipped)

Roy Acuff - Branded Where I Go

Roy Acuff - Night Train To Memphis

Roy Rogers - Don’t Be Blue

Roy Rogers - New Worried Mind

Russell Arms - Nobody Arms

Shelton Brothers - You Can’t Put That Monkey On My Back

Sonny Kaye - Here You Are

Sons Of The Pioneers - Pay No Mind

Ted Daffon’s Texans - Born To Lose

Wiley Walker - When My Clue Moon Turns (Chip)


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous JC said...

While I like to think that my first album was probably a late 1970s purchase of Pink Floyd's THE WALL or the Beatles RED or BLUE albums or perhaps Bruce Springsteens' THE RIVER, it was actually a few years before that.

Something about Banging a Drum




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