Monday, August 28, 2006

Mrs. Scream's First Grade Class

That's us, the children in Mrs. Scream's first grade class at Johnson School, 1953-54.
Brenda Glass Johnson, the girl who was changed from a leftie to a rightie by Mrs. Scream, is on the front row, third from right. I'm on the back row, third from left. Yes, barely visible. Here are the names for all the kids pictured:
Front row, left to right, Rhonda Wright, Don Jones(?? - I remember someone named Don Jones who looked like that), Brent Brown, Betsy Taylor, No one seems to know(??), Brenda Glass, Suzanne Smith (I think), Cindy Cox.
Back row: Tony Grills, Dan Pomeroy, Vince Staten, David Foulk, Ricky Reed, I have no idea whose head is barely visible, I don't know the next kid either, Connie Fields, R.L. Zimmerman, Pat Miller, Charlie Keith.


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