Friday, August 18, 2006

Troop 243 has a reunion

Girl Scout Troop 243, which formed at Johnson School in the fall of 1954, had a reunion last weekend and I was there. Eight of the eleven girls who graduated from Girl Scouts in 1965 were in attendance.
They posed for the photo above during a visit to Camp Sky Wa Mo in Bluff City. Pictured are:
Back row: Cindy Ketron Mitchell, Frankie Eaton Plymale
Middle row: Susan Vines, Mary McCoy Owenby, Martha Snyder, Brenda Glass Johnson
Front row: Mary McAlpine Evans, Jenny Harris Clemmer

Here is a photo of the original 15 members of the troop, circa 1957.

They are:
Top row: Leader Virginia Taylor, Frankie Eaton, Martha Snyder, Mary Chase Austin, Rhonda Wright, Judy Williams, Rosemary Sanders, Leader Helen Harris.
Bottom row: Brenda Glass, Jenny Harris, Janet Rector, Cindy Ketron, Susan Vines, Pam Castle, Betsy Taylor, Mary McAlpine, Mary McCoy.

And here are the eleven who graduated from Girl Scouts in 1965.

Troop mothers framed and mounted badges for each girl and presented it to her upon graduation. This one belongs to Jenny Clemmer.

Two snapshots from October 1957:


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