Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tiny Tomes Story from the Kingsport Press in-house paper


At 12:41 PM, Blogger DB said...

I just got your book on Diz. I have a very close tie with him. He took my mother to the delivery room in Pascagoula, MS on June 9, 1965. She had a bouncing baby boy, me. My father was out of town and Diz was a frequent visitor of the lounge she operated. I remember early on Diz, I remember eating BBQ and hamburgers from his joint on Hwy 90 in Pascagoula. I remember the Falstaff beer cans, smell of charcoal, and a big funny guy who just adored me. I have not finished your book yet, but the humor in it cannot be denied. So far, brilliant. The strange thing is, the lack of truth in Diz's own stories make yours so much funnier. Thank you for writing this book, I had all but forgotten that time in my life.
Darrin B. Ros


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