Friday, March 16, 2007

Bill Robinson's Kingsport Song


At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Rich said...

Wow, I love Kingsport as much as anyone. My choice as a young person to go to college and come back here to raise my family and make a difference in this town prove that out.


This song is simply embarrassing...

And folks wonder where all the young people are going.

At 7:14 PM, Blogger tired teacher said...

Love the song and the video. Thanks, Bill and Vince. Great pictures of the children - two of whom I taught!

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Ray Rhoton said...

I read your article about naming the new school in Kingsport. I'm glad you brought this us because I have been thinking about it for some time. I think it should be named after the greates president of the 20th century. My vote is for Ronald Reagan Elementary !!!


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