Friday, September 29, 2006

Homer Harris, the Seven Foot Tall Smiling Cowboy

Actually Homer was only 6'5" - must have been inflation.
He worked for a time in the fifties at WJHL and made many appearances at local schools. Here are three publicity pictures from that time period.


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Pauline said...

Hi Vince

Thanks so much for making this information available for all of us Homer Harris fans. What a very talented entertainer he was. Back in the 50's my twin sister and I were guests a few times on his radio show here in Lexington, KY. We loved watching him drum his fingers on his guitar making the sound of horses' hooves while singing "Riding My Horse on the Radio". We asked him about his 7 feet height. He said with his big hat and his boots he was 7 feet tall. That was true. His laugh on "Little Brown Jug" was unforgettable.

We noticed on the placard you have posted that he did some shows with the Kelly Quartet in Tennessee back in 1945. They lived here in Lexington for years - Kelly Brothers Nathan J, Simon, Hargis, Benjamin and sister Mary Lee had wonderful harmony. Nathan J married a great singer - and fun gal, Christine, who was on the radio with them.

A very popular musician here in the past, Esco Hankins, gave Hargis a job playing fiddle with his band, The Tennesseans, and we sang with his band for over a year both on radio and on personal appearances.

Wonderful memories from the past.

Pauline and Donna Kelley - no relation to the Kelly Family

At 1:00 AM, Blogger jason said...

I would like to say thank you to Vince Staten, the author, for writing about my grandfather, Homer Harris.And thanks to everyone else who are fans of the "7 foot smiling cowboy". My grandfather, Homer Harris passed away while I was a sophomore in high school. During his last years,he was very happy. He and my grandmother Charlene Harris lived very close to myself and my family. I have a lot of fond memories of my grandfather.He used to sit on the porch and watch as I mowed the yard,and tell me what a great job I had done. He would tell me wonderful stories of times past, that always made me smile. He also played his guitar while singing all the terrific songs that he was known for. One of my favorites was"Little Brown Jug". I remember when he would sing a song and tap his fingers on his guitar to make the sound of a horse crossing the bridge, while laughing the whole time. His laugh was so infectious it made everyone smile. He truly was a great man. I wish more people had the chance to know him as well as I did. It really made my day when I looked his name up and found this site.Once again I would like to say thank you for all the great comments on this site. If my grandfather, Homer Harris can hear this now I would like to say, I love you papaw, you are greatly missed. As my papaw would say "Happy Trails untill we meet again" Jason Mynatt

At 11:49 AM, Blogger wes said...

Yes, thanks for the posts. I am trying to find the lyrics to a song written by Homer Harris with a title something like "The Ballad of Rindy Bailey." The Knoxville News-Sentinel columnist, Bert Vincent, gave a couple of verses to it, and I would like to find the others.

“Just a poor lonely woman forsaken by all
As the cold winds blew over her head;
She was so sleepy and hungry as death closed her eyes
That when they found her poor Rindy was dead.”

“In some spot of ground, she’s resting in peace
And if they only knew where she lay,
Perhaps some kind friends with loving care
Would put some flowers on the lonely grave.”

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous JAMIE JAMES HAUN said...

I would like to thank you myself for posting this page Vince about Mr. Homer Harris. HE was a very humble man . He loved his family three daughters one Son he lost way to soon . I will never forget Driving him in his 1968 caddy to his home town Church in Newport/ Delreo after church we went to his family member Sister? we had lunch hung out talked about oh times where started playing in knoxville on the" midday merry go around"before riding of to cal. His sweet Wife and daughters still live in knoxville. It just fells good to to see you built this page Mr Staten. He will never be forgoten. MR. Jamie James Haun...

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Stormy Weathers Washington said...

Hello Everyone,

Homer was my Grandfather (Papaw). He was a great man. I can still remember when I was a little girl and was on a school break, he would take me with him sometimes to sing. I was always really nervous, but it left me with some great memories. Memories of sitting there in his room practicing. The song he would have me sing the most is "I found it in mother's Bible". Wonderful memories! God Bless you all and thanks for posting.

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Kristy Hartman said...

Jason Mynatt, I happen to be going threw a building and found a 8 x 10 picture and it is a man, woman, and 2 girls..On the bottom it says HOMER HARRIS and wife CHARLENE with their two two daughters BARBARA JEAN and JUDY LEE..I just wondered if you would be interested in having it..If so my email is and u can let me know..I had never heard the name but the face looked familar. I had used bing and searched the name and come across this site so I was reading the comments and seen yours...You may already have the one I am speaking of but just thought I would ask...Email me if interested. Thanks...Kristy Hartman

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Joycelyn Sturgeon said...

I have a picture of Homer Harris that he mailed to me when he was stationed in France. I would like very much to get it to a family member. Homer was very good friends with my Father and Mother, and we always went to the show when he came across the Smokies to do shows at the schools. It is Historic in so many ways.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Jo Thornton said...

I was going through some boxes in my garage the other day & found to my surprise a picture of Homer Harris, wife Jean & Daughter Barbara Jean. It is an 8x10. I have some fond memories of my childhood of Homer & Stardust. Also have a picture of Homer & Stardust as he takes a bow & a picture of Homer singing Little Brown jug in the motion Picture Welcome to Britain. I also have the words to 11 of his songs. Also have a page of miscellaneous pictures containing pictures of him & his family. It has his signature on it. Anyone know what this is worth? I have one person interested. Enjoyed reading the comments here.Thanks


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