Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Know You're From Kingsport If....

From Jennifer Emmette's freshman English class aat D-B

· Pal's tea runs in your bloodstream
· The DB vs Science Hill football game is the highlight of your year
· "What's that smell?" never crosses your mind. It's Eastman.
· You passionately hate the middle school you didn't attend
· You spend all of your free time at the Ft. Henry Mall, but go to Johnson City if
you want to shop
· Bays Mountain is the closest you ever get to the real wilderness
· The closest thing to a Cheesecake Factory is Krispy Kreme
· Eastman is where your parents work
· Band is "the trend" in high school
· The nearest "amusement park" is Dollywood
· You tho,ught getting a Panera Bread, Marble Slab, and Starbucks was the best
thing that ever happened to you
· You walk downtown and look at abnormal sculptures in your path
· You consider Funfest the most exciting event ofthe summer
· Your school teacher knows more of your family than you do
· Half of your budget is used on Pal's tea and frenchie fries
· It's no big deal to travel an hour or more for decent shopping
· You think Huckleberry Finn makes perfect sense
· The weather can go from really hot to snow in a matter of two days
· You hear the phrase, "We're Dealin!!!!" every time you turn on the TV
· You think the world is ending when you get out of school for snow
· Band isn't a class, but a way of life
· You hate Steve Spurrier and the Florida Gators
· Your mall is smaller than Wal-Mart
· You get excited when you're in a mall with a food court
· The band makes up half the student population
· Your favorite colors are maroon and gray
· Your spring break was scheduled around a band trip that didn't happen
· The city makes more cash off people running red lights than anything else
· Everybody around you is Baptist
· The only radio station you listen to is 94.9
· You see cars painted orange
· You decide on your college based on its radius from Pal's
· You go to football games to see the band
· Your idea ofa wild night is hitting the Waffle House at 3 A.M.
· South is your biggest rival
· You see Bill McConnell on TV more than the show you're watching
· The Sensabaughs are your heroes
· You're in Mrs. Ernmette's English class
· Beach Hut is the place to go in the summer
· You say you're in the DB Band and your status is raised
· You've been served ice cream by a robot
· Your idea of a red carpet event is the Kingsport Chamber Gala
· Someone says "roundabout" and your mind wanders to Watauga Street
· You have to drive for a long time to get to a bookstore with decent books
· You've been to Rascals 120,000 times
· You get excited about Target coming to town
· The most fun thing to do at Halloween is going to Sensabaugh Tunnel or Fender's Farm
· You refer to different sections of your high school as "pods" and don't find
anything unusual about it
· You think TCBY stands for "Tri-Cities Best Yogurt"
· You've said ''Boo Hoo, Baby Blue" or know what it means
· You've ever been backed up on Stone Drive because of Purple Cow


At 8:42 PM, Anonymous hailee sesney said...

three of these are mine!!!
the third one & the last two!
im in her first singleton. [:

-hailee sesney.

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Friday said...

You remember navigating Brook's Circle with ease, and don't understand why drivers are having such a hard time with the roundabout at Watauga and Ravine.

Laura Brown


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