Thursday, January 29, 2009

Expensive guitar - Maybelle's L-5 Model Gibson

Mike Milhorn thought $275 sounded high for a guitar in 1928. That would be about $3,300 in today's dollars. But I found a 1932 Gibson catalog and that was still the list price. Here is that catalog page:


At 6:02 PM, Blogger GSK+ said...

I've tried to explain to the odd local music fest-er that Mother Maybelle played an arch-top f-hole guitar. Since such is always associated with jazz, folks are surprized. But my dad's guitar was a flat-top f-hole, and a cheap copy of Maybelle's Gibson sold for years through the Montgomery Ward catalogue -- it's what I learned on till I could afford a "real" guitar, a flat-top round-hole (and in the case of most of us local folkies, a Gibson). And thus it has been since, till last year. We have an annual Celtic Festival -- with everything from bagpipes to blugrass, with craftspeople as well as musicians. One craft-er, Peter Cox, is a maker of hand-made dulcimers, guitars, etc....all-wood & local wood at that. Us talking over the years, he got interested in the idea of making old-style arch-top f-holes. Upshot is, I now own one, and it will be My Last Guitar (cost alone guarantees that!). And it is, in fact, a fine jazz guitar. But it also sounds real good when it's picked to make tunes from the Carters, to whom my family is part kin somewhere back there. The wheel of Life keeps on turning...


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