Tuesday, October 12, 2010

D-B Teacher Caricatures - from Class of 1960's 50th Reunion

How many can you identify?
(These are life size! Click to enlarge)


At 7:53 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

THanks, Vince!!! I talked with you Saturday, but didn't think about you writing an article about our reunion. I have loved keeping up with our class from the beginning, and I had an advantage. I was married to Tommy (who had a great memory and worked for the city schools) and I continued to live in Kingsport! Over the years, we've had some fun times but this particular reunion with all the different venues turned out to be the best! Thanks again for the great article!! Barbara Williams Coughenour Proudly Class of 1960

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I graduated from D-B in 1975 and I was amazed to note the number of teachers shown in your article that were still very much involved twenty-five years later. Billy Burns was my homeroom teacher and biology teacher one year, Waldo Smith for homeroom and typing, Miss Groseclose in the Library, Miss Myrtle Lane (quite old), Mr. Fanslow for history that I slept through and so it goes. Cecil Puckett ran the bookstore and game tickets, Coach Brixey was gone but I went to school with his daughter Marlene.

I'm serious in this, these people don't need caricatures but rather statues would be more appropriate. The people for the most part went through the desegregation of Douglass High School in the middle to late 1960s and made it work with no slick programs from various groups that would be so typical today. They had stress not only from just the typical juvenile hormones but the government to boot. I applaud them all!!!


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