Monday, August 03, 2009

First Day of First Grade - The Worst Day in the History of the World

Mrs. Howson's 1953-54 First Grade class at Andrew Johnson Elementary School. (click on picture to enlarge).

First row, left to right, Rhonda Wright, Don Jones or something like that, Brent Brown, Betsy Taylor, I don't know, Brenda Glass, Susan Smith, Cyndi Cox. Second row, Tony Grills, Danny Pomeroy, Vince Staten (peeping out), David Foulk, Ricky Reed, mystery kid, I thought this looked like Tim Thayer but he says he wasn't in Mrs. Howson's room, this girl looks familiar but I don't remember her name, R.L. Zimmerman, Pat Miller, Charlie Keith.

Mrs. Howson died in 1976.
R.L. Zimmerman died in June 2009.
Cyndi Cox moved away after fourth grade. And I still miss her.


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