Friday, July 11, 2008

Newspaper Archive - The Kingsport Library's New Toy

Here are a few of the neat things I found relating to my father in the Newspaper Archive database at the library. The first is from 1932 when he was 16 years old. The Munford ad is from October 18, 1956 when he bought into the Munford Store. The bottom image is about a March 1968 break in at his store. I've left in extraneous matter around the clippings for your enjoyment. Click on each to enlarge.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Dana Light Jr. said...


My name is Dana Light, Jr. I live in Fall Branch, Tennessee

I was raised at the foot of Chimney Top Mountain in Greene County. The road is now known as Chimney Top Loop. I don’t think it had a name then. We did not have zip codes then either. The address was Route 2, Fall Branch, Tennessee. Some people referred to the area as Rabbit Town. The time frame was about 1949 thorough 1963. My mother died when she had just turned thirty. I was four and I was living with my grandmother and uncles. A year before I started to school the old one room Chimney Top School was closed. My oldest brother attended the school before our dad remarried and he and my sister moved back to Tucker Hollow Rd. I stayed on with my grandmother and uncles until I graduated from high school. All the children in the area had to attend Jearldstown School about six to eight miles away. The school bus did not run by our house so I had to go to the Horton Highway at Sam Jackson’s sawmill to catch the school bus. The driver was Berthel Gass. The county widened the road in the mid 50’s and the bus started coming by our house. I went to School there for eight years and then went to high school at Fall Branch High School. I graduated in May 1963. While I attended Jearldstown School one of our teachers was Mrs. Ruth Smith. She told us that the community was named after a doctor named Jearld who lived in the community. Mr. Jearld is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery fairly close to Tennessee Highway 93. He has a tall tombstone and it is pretty easy to find. I cannot remember the dates on the marker but as I remember it was sometime around the early 1900’s. While I was growing up a man named Buff Staten cut my hair. He lived on the Rome Brandon farm on the Horton Highway in the same house that my grandmother, dad, uncles and aunts lived for several years while farming for Mr. Brandon. Buff had a daughter Patsy that went to Jearldstown while I attended. She was a few grades ahead of me. My uncle Marvin was telling her that I was getting ready to start the first grade and asked if she would kind of look out for me. I remember her saying it would be hard for her to do because she would be upstairs and that I would be downstairs. I remember she did look out for me at recess. Buff was a big fox hunter and judged fox hunts. He used to tell me big tales about his adventures. My mother’s mother was Carey Thornburg and her dad was John Reynolds. Carey was kin to all the Thornburg’s around Greene Shed or Bethesda area. I thought you might want a little history with how I knew a little about Jearldstown. I read your articles regularly and enjoy them very much. I had an uncle that lived at 1577 Warpath Drive. He passed away September 15, 2007. He was one of the uncles that I lived with when I started to school at Jearldstown. I know you write about that area and thought you would know where that was. He was married to the former Loraine Cure who’s first husband Bill Cure was a car dealer in Kingsport probably about the time you were growing up.


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