Monday, February 25, 2008

Faye Emerson's 'I've Got a Secret'

In Sunday's column I mentioned that my family learned about the Johnson City performance of Faye Emerson in 'Back to Methuselah' when Emerson told the audience she was leaving the show. I started to include the date that she made that announcement - January 1, 1958 - but I thought better of it. I thought no one would believe I could remember the exact date half a century later. The fact is, I can't. But I can look it up. I found a website with an annotated 'I've Got a Secret' schedule from the fifties. One of the annotations, in the weeks leading up to the ETSU appearance, was a notation about Faye Emerson's last appearance on the panel.
Here's that schedule which includes celebrity guests on each show.

A good source for all things I've Got a Secret is this fan site.

There are a few YouTube videos of the old show but not much with Faye Emerson. However she did make an appearance on the George Gobel show that has been posted.


At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to watch "I've Got A Secret" and the other game shows, and I remember this guy named Bill Cullen. He was one of those perennial TV guys who had no apparent talent other than enthusiasm, but he was on the air for years.



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